Mr H N Spalding   The Trust was founded by Mr and Mrs H.N. Spalding in the 1920s
The Spalding Trust
Trust's Scope
Application Procedure
Ellen Rebe Spalding Memorial Fund
Applications should be typed on one side of A4 only. Recommended length for applications is:

1. Covering letter (1 side A4).

2. Description of project (2 sides of A4).

3. C.V. (1 side of A4).

4. Budget, to include tuition fees etc and other possible sources of funding by completing the financial statement.

5. 1 – 2 references (each 1 – 2 sides of A4).

Trustees understand that not all applications will fit exactly into this format. Nevertheless, applications cannot be considered until all relevant information has been received, and applications totalling more than 10 sides of A4 (including references) may not have all the information passed on to Trustees.

Successful applicants will be asked to provide a report on their project; this should be 2 – 4 sides of A4, unless something different is requested.